Your business constantly evolves and changes within your respective marketplace. The customers, products, aesthetics and overall direction you head will always adapt to changing wants and needs of users/customers.
Your website and online presence should change along with it.

db Digital handles all of those changes within the website on your behalf. We give you control over what customers interact with. We grow with you and act as an ongoing resource which allows you to make website changes over time.

Customers are doing research more and more these days on where, when and who they do business with. We can provide you with the appropriate methods to capture and hold interest.

  • We specialize in custom web design, e-commerce platforms and digital marketing for small businesses.
  • We design according to your colors, your logo and your overall aesthetic.
  • We help potential customers to quickly find information about where, what, and who your company is.


db Digital was started like most small businesses. It was a natural progression into finding something I liked doing, while also helping others with a need.
I have a background in action sports distribution and also the building industry. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how web development and design was integrated within each field.

I typically work within the kitchen and bath and construction industries due to my years in that particular field, but I enjoy projects from all industries. I focus on using WordPress, which is a content management system. It allows both you and me to continually adapt to changes and what the market needs from a website.

I’m skilled at taking the most prominent features of a business and bringing them to the forefront of design and function. I also take into consideration how you as a person or company want to interact with the website and build around what you feel comfortable with.

With my experience in the kitchen and bath industry, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with thousands of businesses owners over the years. Many see extreme value in leveraging their website to gain new business or simply control what customers interact with online. Websites are an extension of your company and, in a way, they can act as an employee.

– Derek

Let’s Work Together!

If you have a project and would like a quote or just have a few questions, please let us know and we’d be happy to help out.