Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a new website run me?

There are various elements that I take into consideration to generate quotes. Things like:

Do you have an existing site?

Will your site require e-commerce capabilities?

How many pages will your site be?

Will you supply copy, images, and overall specs.?

Do you have an existing hosting plan and domain name?

Based on all of these possible variables, the majority of my work is quoted per job. At this point, slots for new projects are limited, so please let me know any details the project requires and we can work on best scenarios for both parties.

How long does a website build take?

This depends on the size of your project and can range from one to several weeks or can potentially be on-going.

What's with all the WordPress love?

I use the open source platform due to its great customizable features and ease of use. It allows both you and me to access the website and to make changes that reflect your business needs. WordPress powers close to 30% of websites. Companies like The NewYorker, Beyonce, TechCrunch and more rely on it everyday. is different from It requires a bit more knowledge as well as a hosting plan.

What happens if we decide to part ways?

I provide you with a complete site backup along with any usernames and passwords you may need. I also keep an offsite storage drive with your files and can provide you with a physical hard drive if need be.

Have another question? Just send me a message via the contact form.